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 Is It Better To Code Your Website Or Use WordPress?
  • Post by:Admin
  • Aug 21, 2021

Is It Better To Code Your Website Or Use WordPress?

When a new online website is decided, many factors roam around it, the content, design, layout, logos, and the places of launch. A website takes a lot because it acts as a communication gateway with the customers and all the companies try their best to make the website highly flexible and fast for the client to find their solutions easily. One of the prior decisions that have great emphasis on the development of the website is building from scratch or uses a website building platform. If hand-coding has opted it is done through CSS, JS, and HTML, or the other way is to use word press.

WordPress is a generic web framework, it is sometimes confused that WordPress is only used to make websites or blogs but in reality, it can be used for any customized web application.  Different web design tools offer different options with varying levels of complexity but word press provides web app designing with higher level of complexity and if someone even tries to recreate these functionalities, it would take them years.

Custom websites need to include many features that we can’t even think of; the list can look like this:

  • Website search
  • Login
  • Visual page editor
  • Uploading images and files
  • Content history, etc. 

These options are given in word press but if a custom website has to be made then it would us a lot of time to just build these. When we have to add a new page while hand-coding we’d have to create an HTML file and write the CSS code but if we use word press we just have to log in to the dashboard and then type out the content.

Another misconception made about word press is that it can only design blogs and content websites, but in reality, it’s not true. Complex websites are also made from word press. Big websites like YouTube and uber, careem can also be made with the help of word press. It is used to make very intricate web apps as well.

When you log in to the word press, there is at first the login information that comes into the base installation part and then after that, there’s a custom theme. You can create post types and data types for a post or a YouTube video. Many features add value to the website and it’s simply just a generic framework like the other ones.

Some companies might consider getting their custom website through hand-coding. The benefits that we see are:

  • You have all the control on your website 
  • The code is well understood by you, if any change is intended in the future then you can easily apply that
  • The code makes you efficient and you learn more about hand-coding, it gives an experience. A professional engineer usually finds this job easy because hand-coding is extremely complex and requires experience and expertise. 
  • It`s secured 
  • Your code is easier to recapitulate