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Pay Per Click

PPC service unlocks a slew of opportunities. There may be individuals out there that want to buy from you, but they don`t know how to find you. How are you going to make it happen? What would be the best way for those visitors to find you? You may be questioning if an advertisement can attract your virtuous consumers to you. And we respond with a resounding YES! It has every right to do so. We can tell you that an advertisement may provide you and your clients with several options. It may assist you in attracting new consumers, growing your customer base, and increasing brand recognition. It produces more leads, connects your business with individuals who are seeking it, allows brands to set higher goals, and assists them in reaching their target in the quickest period possible.

The sources our top PPC service providers use are Facebook ads, Google ads, YouTube ads, Bing ads, website ads, etc. Brands dealing in the mass market have customers everywhere and it would be unfair to run ads on selective sites, to cover the whole target market and to deliver active engagement, brands need to work on multiple strategies to fight the competition and provide the best value to its customers.

Achieve the Most Challenging Goals With Our Top PPC Service

Want customers to notice what you sell? Get our advanced PPC service and offer the most powerful customer solution. At My SEO experts, we offer PPC service that helps businesses to achieve the following:

More leads

Paid advertisements are usually done after choosing the media where the ad has to be displayed. When the companies contact top agencies like My SEO experts, to help them with generating leads, they get details of the sites where the business has more customers; it helps to target the locations where new customers can be detected. The right use of PPC can help your business to spread awareness and inform customers that it also exists.

Good payback

When companies invest in PPC service, they can decide the sites and charge accordingly. When ads start running on relevant online locations, new customers see them and click on them to go to the website. So, the money invested in building the ad pays back in the shape of new customers who visit your website, scroll through your product/services, but if they want to and it adds up in the revenues of your firm. So don’t consider this as an expense, it returns with a long-lasting result.


Your brand has the freedom to choose the locations, amount, time, and ad specifications that can attract your customers. No one knows a brand more than its owner, they know what kind of customers they can attract and what kind of ad can affect new customers. Ads reflect a business’s value proposition. A random visitor seeing your ad doesn’t know anything about the brand. That one ad should contain everything that enlightens the visitors about everything that you’re proposing. We’ll further discuss how ads are formed.

More customers

Converting more visitors into customers, by delivering an ad that sells everything you want your customer to know. Ads can act like a very useful promotional tool to grab new customers because it’s concise, unique, attractive, includes information’s, visuals and brand’s worth. Designing an ad effectively can help you get more customers very easily.

Less time, more benefits

An advertising roaming on different social media sites grabs more customers in a short period than promoting your brand through any other advertising type. PPC is cost-effective and less time-consuming.

Why Our PPC Management Is Declared #1 in The UK

At My SEO experts, we believe in client satisfaction. We include our clients in the planning process and ask for every detail that holds value in PPC service. We design personalized bundles for every client according to their marketing strategy. We make the best service that matches your goals and makes you hit them. We work with the latest PPC strategies and advertisement design services, we keep on updating our processes and we train our marketers with the latest strategies that help them to cater to individual needs and provide services accordingly.

When you appoint My SEO experts London, you meet hands with one of the finest and experienced PPC service agencies. Our Pay per Click advertising gives a turnaround for your brand and introduces you to strategies that you’ve never seen before.

Have a look at the features that our PPC management includes:

  • We make your PPC strategy based on your industry, your long-run goals, and your business type
  • We establish and generate new PPC campaigns for your brand. All of those are very effective and tested.
  • Google ad management
  • Social media campaigns
  • YouTube ads
  • We continuously maintain your PPC performance
  • To investigate competition Ad tactics, we employ sophisticated artificial intelligence
  • Our PPC in the UK tries to maximize your ROI in the most effective ways possible
  • We keep on records of tracking
  • We assign you a personal account agent

We Work On Your Website Considering It as Ours

When we get an insight into the company’s goals and missions, we start the process of building the Pay per Click campaign for them. Our PPC agency in the UK treats your Ecommerce website as though it’s ours and we try our best to advertise it everywhere needed. We research and dig deep into the objectives of the company to design a strategy that sits right on the business plan.

We have provided customers and solved their problems throughout our operation and we have successfully satisfied 95% of the customers because we target their objectives and process accordingly. As far as our strategies are satisfying the customers, we are happy.

We Provide Quick Approaches

We assemble a game plan that leads directly to your success. We make a strategy that includes optimized keywords, and a close analysis of the industry to make sure we are targeting the right audience. We keep everything under control after maintaining the strategy. We have a very dedicated team of customer representatives who are available 24/7 to solve your queries and introduce an astounding package for you that matches your company’s vision.

We Craft Personalized Pay Per Click Campaign

We provide customized PPC services to meet the needs of various businesses. Every customer is provided a customized plan, each with its own set of characteristics aims to be pursued, and methods to be implemented.

We understand that every business is unique, and we don`t believe in a one-size-fits-all strategy. We provide personalized one-on-one service to assist each brand and help them measure their success tool.

What Your PPC Service Package Can Include


SEO works to improve the leads and increase the organic growth of your brand. PPC works very collaboratively with SEO, the optimization and right use of keywords boost the credibility of PPC. SEO makes the website rank higher on the search engine and catches more customers towards it. When more people would visit your site, the audience will increase and your brand escalates. We continuously assess the strategies that we put to measure the positive returns on it.


Want your visitors to remember you? That’s easy, remarketing can do that for you. We take specific actions to continuously remind your customers that they once visited your website. If they want to buy anything that you offer, they refer back, or if there’s anyone else who is looking for something that you sell, positive word of mouth can lead to greater sales.

Ad Designs

Ads can be optimized and made right to cater to your need. Effective and catchy ads can grab the customer’s attention and even if they’re not looking for your service they click on the ad to get to the website. In this way, they can tell someone else about your service, or in the future, if they ever feel the need to avail the service that you’re offering they’ll rightly get back to you.

Keyword Optimization

To maximize the ROI, we research the top keywords and fill your PPC campaign with the top searched and trendy words to make it worth reading for the client and to generate higher leads.

We hunt the words industry-wise, we don’t randomly choose anything, and we go deep into the industry kind and then find the best keywords that are relevant to your brand type.


We extract the ways that yield higher returns with less finance invested. We do rechecks and continuous improvements to make sure the strategies adopted are working to their fullest. Day-to-day audits help us to minimize actions that generate costs and replace them with the ones that yield benefits.

Monitoring and Advising

Whatever activity is going on your real state seo friendly website, we keep a track of that and inform our clients about it. We check the return on investment and PPC campaign that is active on your site and whenever our client asks for tracks. We provide them. After all, we’re working in the best interest of our companies. By keeping track we measure the profitable actions and remove the costly ones. ..

PPC Across All Medias

  • YouTube advertising
  • Paid campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked-in, Pinterest, and others.
  • Google ads
  • Google local services Ad management
  • Microsoft advertising
  • Nextdoor advertising

Why My SEO Expert Is The Best PPC Agency In London?

My SEO experts are in business for many years and have been successful in providing the best service at the best rates and solving customer solutions for decades. We have paved our way and maintained a loyal customer base throughout time. We excel in customer service and quality assurance. We keep all the values and ethics as a priority in dealing with customers. When you hire a PPC service agency you get the following benefits:

You will be able to optimize your marketing costs

The PPC service takes place to improve the credibility of your website and optimize the content on it. Our PPC management takes care of all your investments and tries their best to yield the most profitable results from them.

Long-term PPC service campaigns

We examine the industry and dig deep into the objectives. We take care of everything until it’s evaluated with the best results. We don’t leave our clients mid-way; we stay in contact throughout the service.

Industry experts are working for you

We hunt the PPC service experts from the industry to make sure they deliver the best possible service to our clients. You are getting PPC service from the best people out there who have served in the field for many years.

Swift service

We work with a wide range of clients. We are dedicated to upholding our values of ethics and honesty, and we make every effort to provide the most flexible service possible without abusing our clients. They come to us in distress, and we do all in our power to assist them.

Our values

We have deemed our truthful values and throughout the time we work to make sure our clients get the satisfying final product. We never exploit our customer base. We keep every customer equally and treat them with respect and honesty.